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i am 24 years old, and my name is ralph vulpitta. i have a daughter of 4 years old and a girlfriend for 6 years.  i grew up an athlete all my life and had dreams of being a proffessional athlete.  i lived in elmhurst., il a very nice town from age8 till about 13 and then moved to a middle class to low income town near chicago, i played football and wrestling for my highschool in elmwood park. my biggest problem through all of my growing up is that im easily influenced and buckle under pressure. i just wanted to fit in so i started to smoke pot. i got expelled for having some on me. that was my downfall. i started makinng bad choices in life and i definitely paid for it. drugs were my main prioritie i am a recovering addict in the narcotics anonymous program and am doing really well for myself in my life . i just want to clear my record so i can be a us marine and serve my country. this is something ive always wanted to my life. i served 3 months in prisons and completed my parole so y for the rest of my life after my consequence do i have to suffer. please help me .  

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