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Danielle L. was arrested for dui, later changed to wreckless driving.  She left her children at night to spy on her husband.  We are her parents and was renting the next door condo, she text me, but I didn’t respond.  So, her children were left alone for a short time.  Her husband called the police and the children were returned to their home that he alone owns as agreed in a pre-nup.  They were both heavy drinkers.  She is now sober and trying to get a job,  but no one will hire her.  Her husband dropped the charges.  When you key her name, about three sites come up and they are so
bad, can’t something be done?  It’s so unfair.  He gave her this problem, and now she has to suffer.  She has no money, cannot support her children, and she misses them so much, and they want their mother.  She has suffered enough.

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