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 I was convicted of child abuse in ’96 because i gave my daughter, who was about a year old at the time a bruise around her eyes because i was frustrated with her because i couldn’t handle the high pitched screaming that was hurting my ears. I couldnt get her to stop crying so i snapped and started slapping her in the face and before i realized what i was doing a bruise started to appear. I underestimated my own strength. So i lied to my x wife about what happened because i was ashamed and she insisted we take my daughter to the hospital even though it was unnecessary, so the hospital turned me in.

  I only did 2 months for a felony which goes to show you how bad it really was. Im not saying i didnt deserve to be punished because i did. i just dont think it should have been a felony! I was young and dumb at the time and didnt realize how this felony was going to affect the rest of my life or i would have done everything i could to fight it!
  I get treated worse than a murderer sometimes, i cant get the job i really want when i have unlimited potential which is probably the worst part about this! I cant own a gun to protect myself, i cant leave the country and i cant vote! So why do i have to continue to pay for this for the rest of my life? I did my time!
  I even try not to use my past as an excuse for what i did, i was abused by my step dad and my uncle but where was the law when i needed it??? I was abandoned by my real dad, my mom was a drug addict and my x wife was a b***h! So was it really any wonder why i had anger problems?
  Im not even the same person i used to be, im a born again christian, i still have sensitive ears but im not the angry little 19 year old boy i used to be, people change, people grow up, people learn so why do i have to pay for this everyday for the rest of my life???   
 p.s. One of the things they had me do as part of my probation left a permanent scar on me! They sent me to a place to test me to see if i liked little kids sexually by putting a peter meter on me and forcing me to listen to some of the sickest stuff i have ever heard in my life! I could not believe the stuff they made me listen to! It was basically child porn in your ears. It was disgusting and dehumanizing! All of this because of a bruise that disappeared 2 weeks later!!! Ive been living inside my own prison ever since!
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