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In 1990, I worked for a furniture company and had an apartment in the back of the store.  I rented a stereo from some rental store.  I got a call that the store where I worked and lived was closing in 24 hours and I had to move out.  Needless to say, I moved.  I called the rental store, and apparently they never picked up the equipment.  I got charged with Grand Theft 3rd degree.  I plead no contest, adjudication was withheld.  in 1991, no job, no money, I wrote a couple of bad checks…stupid I know, but I was convicted of worthless check charge, a 1st degree misdemeanor.  I moved to Virginia, and  started working in Jan 1996. Somehow, there is another charge in Florida starting in April 1996.  I wasn’t even in Florida during this time.  That charge ended up with a 2nd degree misdemeanor, petit theft.

Now it’s 2011.  I’m working in the security field, and need to get a clearance. I have not had any other troubles and when I try to expunge my felony record, in which adjudication was withheld, I’m told that I cannot because of the misdemeanor convictions.  It’s been nearly 20 years, and I can’t get this cleared up.

People make mistakes, are victims of mistakes, there should be some way to clear your past if you have a proven track record for nearly 20 years.

I hope they change the laws someday and I can get this off my record.

User story by LARRY in FLORIDA

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