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In 1990 I was in a auto accident & yes my best friend was killed in the accident but we were not drinking or done any type of drugs we were kids out having fun & lost control of the car at a high rate of speed & it was not sure who was driving that night but since it was my car I was charged & when it came time for court my attorney said I needed to take this deal & I would not get no jail time & it will not be a felony & so I took the deal however now I come to find out it was put on my record as a felony & since the attorney that handled the case has passed away & I do not know how to go about clearing this up & getting it removed from my record.

User story by Michael in Pennsylvania

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  1. Janet says:

    You need to apply for a pardon. if its a felony or misdemeanor and you didnt get ARD you need a pardon to apply for expungement. your writing is atrocious, though, so get someone intelligent to proofread everything.

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