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An abusive boyfriend of mine used my car to commit aggravated robbery, against my will.  Under duress he held a knife at me and told me to lay down and pretend I was asleep. (The police report verifies this).  Though I begged him to let me go, not commit the offense, and to get out of my car he refused.  He has already been violent to the point of choking me while I have been driving (almost killing me) and other life threatening assaults.

He robbed the poor girl at knife point, and drove off.  I was so upset he did it, and yet relieved that he did not hurt anyone (especially her and me).  Then the girl chased us down with her car.  I told her I had nothing to do with the crime as she was screaming at us through her car.  She stated “you are just as guilty as he is” and I replied “I didn’t have a choice.”  She screamed something like “you are going down for this too.”
She told them I pulled a gun on her, which is not true.  If there was a gun, why would he have used a knife when he could have used a gun… seriously.
So though I was in the car under duress, did not commit the crime, and did not have any choice in the manner; my attorney wanted 10,000 to go to trial.  I did not have the money, so he forced me to accept the plea bargain against my will.  I was in tears trying to say Guilty, and the judge knew I was innocent.  After all he can read!  The judge told me he would not let me plea guilty if I was not guilty, and my attorney said he would not defend me with out an extra 10,000 that I did not have.
I accepted the plea bargain (knowing my life would be forever ruined) of Attempted Agg Robbery and completed my 3 years of deferred adjudication.  I was arrested March 2004, got sober Jan 2005, and have remained sober now in May 2011.  I have been going to college working whatever random jobs I can find, got married have a baby and have come to realize a horrible truth.
I will never have a career, social acceptance, or friends.  It has been over 7 years since my arrest, was not convicted, have had no other arrests… no one will hire me to do anything.  I want to be a psychologist and help other people that have been in domestic violence situations, homeless, and have substance abuse problems.  Show them that it is possible to change your life around… but many things have changed since I accepted the plea bargain 6 1/2 years ago.
No one asks have you ever been convicted anymore.
No one asks if in the past 7 years any more
They even ask if your record has been expunged!!!
I will never be forgiven for this crime I did not even commit (and it is in the police report that I did not commit the offense!)
I want my record sealed, but I have to wait until Jan 2013, and it is May 2011.  Around 9 years after the arrest, it will be sealed… but from what I see… licensing boards can still see them!!!
User story by JessicaTX in Texas

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