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Hi thanks for your time today. When i was about 18 years old i was a young mother who had lost her job and rent was due and my kids father made darn good money  but liked to spend on women when he travled for work instead of help me. Well i graduated at 17 years old and had my son when i was 16. Ive always had a job and didnt know what i was going to do well of course desperate I accepted an offer that would provide me with my rent so I accepted. I felt bad the whole time but I was desperate and gullable. I was charged with forgery to a financial instrument (theft via ck) I was with some family and didnt realize all the facts before i took part in this activity and even though I didnt sign I was with them so here i am 25 with 3 kids some college an impressive resume and unemployed because of my record all these years later

User story by inpainandfrustrated in Texas

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