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In 1997 i was charged with ‘risk of injury to a minor’ in Conneticut. At that time i was collecting ssi because i was dealing with depression and hearing voices. In 1997 i moved from New York to Conneticut to move out of a bad situation. I was in a shelter in Danielson and met some people. I wasnt aware that majority of them had a drug problem or alcohol issues. I excepted friends because i had none. I was always a loner due to my family rejecting me as a child when i was younger. At that time i gradually found a place of my own a studio apartment and things started to look better for me. One of my friends that i met at the shelter gave me a number to a friend he met and thought that she would be a fit for me. At that time i wasnt aware of carding a female nor did i know that Predetor and rapest was going on. I had very litle education and new very litle about the new and what was going on in society. So i talked to this female on the phone and had general conversations with her. Several days later she shows up at my apartment knocking at my door. At that age i must admite i had very litle sexual experience with women because my life wasnt looking or going in the right direction and sex was the last thing on my mind. Now at this particular time my stress level was decreased because things were looking good for me and i figured i should start dating. So she shows up at my door and i let her in as she went her way towards the couch. I sat besides her and we started talking. One thing led to another and we made our way into the bedroom and we both ingaged in sexual conduct with one another. It was cosensual and we both had that moment of pleasure. Being that i was with a few women in my past i felt unsure of this mistake that happend. When she left a few hours later i get a phone call from her mom stating “do you know how old my daughter is and im going to call the cops on you” I was frighten and at that point my stress level became servier, i thought to myself im going to loose evreything i had which wasnt much. I have never been in any kind of trouble till this crap happend to me. I was question by the police when they picked me up and being that i have never ran into the police i told them the trueth and so did the female. The police let me go and told me dont go to far cause we will be picking you up again! Why would they hand cuff me take me to the station and questioned me then released me? So i ran because i was frighten and i didnt want to go to jail. sveral months later i returned and they arrested me for ‘risk of injury to a minor charge’. I was in jail for 3 months befor i got to see the judge and i pleaded guilty because the judge said eigther you do 7 year or 10 months probation. So i took the probation because i did not want to go back to jail. Not for long where i violated my probation bacause i had no where to stay i lost my apartment and ssi cut me off. My stress level became very sevier i have tryed to commit suicide several times and never suceeded. I moved to Orlando Florida in 2000 and called my probation officer in 2002 and let him know where i was. I have tryed to take these classes that was mandotory by the court. I paid 35 dollars for 2 weeks that i attended thinking that it will help my case. I took a poligraph test and past it. I complied with the class and then notified my probation officer of what i was doing but he told me it would be usefull. So i stoped going to the classes. Ever since this charge i have not been able to land a job what so ever and even if i land a job it would be a minemum wage. I dont deserve this charge on my record. I never raped , nor have i ever melosted any girl in my life. Florida has a bunch of sex offenders and predetors that commite the same charge after being released from jail. I have not incured the same charge since 1997 and i will never because of the seriouseness of that charge. If anyone can help please i will except all feed back anything that is benefitual to me and helping me and my situation. Thanks For your time and ears

User story by vincent t. in Danielson Conneticut

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