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I was a church going teenager working and attending night college ,When I stopped going to church,I started going out with the wrong friends one of my so called friend invited me to go to a club with him ,before I knew it I was involved in a rubbery ,I was a year older so I was suppose to be responsible, I did’nt know that my friend had mental problems till my mother told me you see she new his mom it was to late for me. I was sentence to 3 years manditory¬†in the state prison no bond no parol. After I did the 3 years manditory, I married my highschool sweetheart,we had children,I stated working for a court reportin firm here in down town miami as an office clerk worked for 13 years. For 20 years I was the primery financial support of my family. Mom became very ill with Diabetes and other multiply related complcations and eventually pass away,after her death unfortunatly I lost my job the company sold out,I lost my¬† job and my marrage ended in a divorce. I eventually startes college again,Iam graduating now in April 28,2012 as an Associate in Arts my major is Radiology . I like to see what can I do in regards to my criminal records. I am a graduate client at the Miami Rescue Mission a shelter for the homeless. I would like to come back as a volunteer in thier clinic because¬†I am so grateful¬†for what they have done ¬†for me it’s been a bless¬†all the through. Sincerly, Daniel

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