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I was convicted of a 3rd degree felony in Feb. 2006. I was put on 10 years probabation and got early release after completing 5 years in Mar. 2011. I became unemployed the end on October 2010 and since than can not find a job due to my criminal record. Companies and staffing agencies says that it isn’t a problem but I never hear back from them again even though I am more than qualified for the positions that I am applying for. I want to go back to school and get certified for Medical Coding and Billing to try to better my future income potential but have already been advised by the NHA that I probably wouldn’t get my certification after completing the course with the conviction on my record. This is the 1st and only time that I have ever been in trouble with the law in my life (I’m 48) but it has ruined not just my future but it looks like any chance of ever getting another job. I am not a habitual criminal and have done everything I was supposed to do and everything in my power to become a contributing member of society since than but now…..I can’t even get my record set aside to have a future.

Why am I not eligible to have my conviction removed/set aside?

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  1. dave holland says:

    i was convicted (got prob ation) off concealment of whereabouts of a child(mine),argument with has been 17 years and i have no other there a way to regain firearms rights?,ifd so what are the chances?

  2. Freedom Fighter says:

    Learn the Truth about the Government Conspiracy, the Law, and how to Represent yourself in court by Demanding a Common Law Court. You were born free and it’s time to get loose from the ropes these liars who practice treason has done to us. Search and Educate yourself to Amaritime Law.

  3. Jodie Holden says:

    I have a been charged with a third degree felony assualt on a public servant deferred ajudication. My attorney told me that if I agreed to d ajudication it would not stay on my record it would fall off after the probation hahahahahaha. i have seens went back to school and two and a half years later cant get a job flipping a burger.This happened over five years ago I made one mistake and because of that my kids have to suffer.The kicker to all this is i asked my lawyer for video of the assualt in which he told me there wasnt any. Come to find out later there was video in which the camera was turned off when the assualt happened. what can I do to get my life back I was young and dumb if I knew the video was put into evidence i would have faught it and not plead out.

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