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Utah offers remedies designed to help deserving people be more productive and get more out of life. Whether the offense was as a juvenile or adult, felony or misdemeanor, or if the sentence was a fine or time in prison, Utah offers ways for you to make it easier to find a good job and put the past behind you.

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Expungement Of Utah Criminal Convictions

Most felony and misdemeanor convictions can probably be cleared, leaving your record clear and your future brighter. If you are not currently on probation or facing any current charges, Utah law allows you to have your misdemeanor and felony convictions […]

Sealing of Utah Juvenile Records

Utah law allows for the expungement of juvenile records. Once expunged, the juvenile records will not appear on your criminal record and the case is considered to never have occurred. Expungement allows juvenile offenders to enter adulthood with a “clean […]

Reduction of Utah Convictions

Under Utah law, you can apply to have your conviction reduced by up to two degrees in class. For example, a second degree felony could be reduced to a class A misdemeanor. A reduction in class by just one degree […]

Utah Arrest Record Expungement

If you have an arrest on your record that did not result in a conviction, we can have record of the arrest removed from your record. Arrests are not legally as serious as convictions, but they can be just as […]

Need a background check?

The first step to removing your criminal record is to find out what, if anything, is showing up on your criminal background. If you are unsure of what exactly is holding you back from jobs or any of lives other opportunities we highly recommend visiting our partner,, where you can get a full national criminal history background check for a super low price.

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