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In certain situations, you may be able to have your New York arrest record expunged, meaning that the records are destroyed, and made unavailable for public access. You may be able to have other records sealed so that they are not available. Sealed records may be used in later criminal proceedings or in applications for certain licenses and employment. If eligible, you can petition the court, and the records and samples will be destroyed if expungement is granted.

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Record Sealing in New York

New York Criminal Procedure Law 160.50 permits the “sealing” of cases where charges were dismissed, vacated, set-aside, not filed, or otherwise terminated. Otherwise, New York does not allow expungements, or “sealings,” of cases where a conviction was entered, except for […]

Expungement of Drug-Related Convictions in New York

Under New York Criminal Procedure, an individual convicted of most felony drug, marijuana, or Willard non-drug eligible crimes may request to have their records for those crimes sealed if they successfully complete DIVERSION, DTAP, or a similar substance abuse treatment […]

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