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New Jersey

New Jersey allows for the expungement of a wide range of offenses under certain circumstances. The waiting periods for expungement in New Jersey vary depending on whether you were charged or convicted. For convictions, the waiting period will vary depending on the classification of the offense.

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Sealing New Jersey Arrest Records

If you were arrested in New Jersey, you may be eligible for expungement of your NJ arrest record if certain conditions are met. If you were arrested and your New Jersey charges were dismissed after completing a diversionary program, you […]

New Jersey Municipal Ordinance Violation Expungement

New Jersey allows for the expungement of municipal ordinance violations. A municipal violation is an offense violating a city ordinance. In order to qualify for expungement of a municiple ordinance violation in New Jersey, certain conditions must be met.

New Jersey Misdemeanor Expungement

If you were convicted of a disorderly person or petty disorderly person offense (also known as a misdemeanor) in New Jersey, you may be eligible to expunge your conviction. A disorderly person offense is an offense punishable to up to […]

New Jersey Drug Offender Expungement

If you convicted of an offense under chapters 35 (controlled dangerous substances) or chapter 36 (drug paraphernalia) for the possession or use of a controlled dangerous substance, convicted of violating 2A:170-77.5 (sale or distribution without a prescription), or convicted of […]

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