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New Hampshire

The state of New Hampshire offers the ability to annul your record. You can annul your record by filling out and filing a Petition to Annul (free New Hampshire expungement forms are available here). When you annul your record in New Hampshire, it is completely sealed off to the public, and only available under extremely specific circumstances to government officials. Having a clean record gives you the ability to honestly tell potential employers that you have never committed any crimes.

DUI’s are eligible for annulment, since they are misdemeanors. Even better, once we have them annulled, the DMV will remove them from their records as well.

New Hampshire allows you to annul certain violations, misdemeanors, and felony convictions. Not all convictions can be annulled–you should talk to an attorney about finding out whether your conviction is eligible to be annulled. There is also typically a waiting period before annulling your record (around 3-10 years, depending on the offense). When applying for record annulment in New Hampshire, you must fill out a Petition to Annul and submit it to your local court, where you will be assigned a hearing date to present your case to a judge, who decides whether or not you receive annulment.

Upon receiving an annulment, your record will be sealed off from the public, and you’ll be able to honestly say you’ve never been convicted of a crime in New Hampshire.

You cannot get an annulment if:

You were convicted of murder, manslaughter, Class A negligent homicide, first-degree assault, most aggravated felonious or felonious sexual assault charges, kidnapping, criminal restraint, incest, endangering the welfare of a child by solicitation, child pornography, class A felony arson or robbery. You were convicted of obstruction of justice.

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Record Annulment in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, the law allows the annulment, or erasing, of certain violation, misdemeanor and felony convictions. By annulling your record in New Hampshire, your criminal record will be completely cleared. Not every record can be cleared–usually, the more serious […]

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