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When a record is expunged in Kentucky, all records of the case are completely destroyed. All references to the case in any other records are to be deleted. Upon inquiry, all parties (including the courts) are to respond that no record of the case exists. When you expunge your record, you don’t have to mention your criminal record in application for employment, credit or any other type of application. There are many impediments to the expungement of a conviction. Only misdemeanor convictions are eligible to be expunged. Expungement of a conviction is only available five (5) years after conviction. Certain crimes, such as rape and murder, do not qualify for expungement.

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Kentucky Expungement

When you expunge your record in Kentucky, all traces of your criminal record will be erased, and you can honestly say you’ve never been convicted of a crime. The expungement process including filing necessary paperwork, getting a court date, and […]

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