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California has one of the oldest and most accessible expungement laws in the country.   Making it even better are several recent changes that expanded the benefits of having a California criminal record expunged.  But, even if you are note eligible for expungement, there may be other options, such as a certificate of rehabilitation, pardon or set-aside, to name just a few. provides a free online eligibility test where you can quickly find out the best way to clear your criminal record in California.

California allows you to seal records of arrests that did not lead to a conviction when you can prove that there was no reasonable basis to believe you committed the offense. California’s expungement law permits someone convicted of a crime to petition the court to re-open the case, set aside the plea, and dismiss the case.

If you are not facing any current charges or on probation for another offense and your sentence did not involve state prison (as opposed to county jail), California law allows you to have your misdemeanor conviction expunged after you complete your probation.

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California Infraction Expungement

In 2011, a new law came into effect that makes it possible for California residents to expunge an infraction from their criminal history, enabling them to truly present a clean slate to prospective employers. Most infractions that are not related […]

California PC 290 Sex Offender Registration Termination

Penal Code section 290 requires mandatory registration as a sex offender for persons convicted of the sex offenses listed in that section. Even if the offense is not listed in section 290, the person may be ordered by a court […]

California Probation Termination

California law allows the court to modify or terminate your probation. Once terminated, you are relieved of the duties imposed by probation and you can immediately file for expungement and get on with your life. If your probation is preventing […]

California Certificate of Rehabilitation

The ultimate statement by a court that you are now an “honest” person of “good character” who is known to “obey the laws of the land.” It tells employers and licensing agencies that you truly have put the past behind […]

California Juvenile Record Sealing

Even though you may have completed your sentence, a juvenile delinquency record can still affect your life. Sealing means that records held by the police department, the court, the district attorney, and the probation department will be sealed and treated […]

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