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There are thousands of individuals in the state of Kentucky with past felony convictions.

Expungements are currently unavailable for these individuals, and as a result, they are branded for life, unable to take more personal responsibility for bettering their lives.
House Bill 47, proposed by Democratic State Representative Darryl T. Owens and co-sponsored by Republican Tim Moore, attempts to change that.  The proposed Bill would allow for people with certain types of convictions to apply to the court to have their criminal records expunged and removed from public view.  Specifically, the law would allow all class D felons to apply five years after their conviction or the completion of their probation, whichever comes latest.  However, records cannot be expunged if the individual has been convicted of child or elder abuse.

As of now, House Bill 47 has passed through the Kentucky House with a vote of 78-19.   On February 14, 2013 the Bill was sent to the senate where it will be voted on in the near future.

If passed, the Bill will open the doors for individuals with criminal records..  As Nicole D. Porter, director of advocacy for the Bill, stated, it will “allow eligible people to make the most of their lives and leave past mistakes where they belong- in the past,” because most employers and apartment leasing offices conduct background checks, these individuals are stigmatized and unable to rent or find jobs.  Getting tan individual’s record expunged will make it easier for these individuals to proactively engage in all aspects of society.


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  1. johnny oneal says:

    I was convicted of a felony in 1993 ( complicited to arson of an old abanded house ) an it still hangs over my head everyday. I am not proud of it an god only knows it me to blame for it. I served my time an have not been in any trouble of any kind. I am married an have five beautiful daughters (three of my own an two stepchildren) in 2001 I was given full custody of my three kids. I can proudly say that four of them has graduated school an has never been on any drugs. I feel like I have let them down because of my past an I so ashamed of it. I no people make mistakes an people can an will change. My life is all about my family an nothing else. I would love to be able to get my record clear an not have to have myhead down all the time because of it I beg for a second chance thank you

  2. chris says:

    I was convicted of a class D felony in 2004 for possession of a forged instrument 2nd degree when I cashed a check for a family member and later to find out the check was stolen. I have taken full resposnibility for my actions and this was an immature mistake made in my 20’s however since then I have went back to school and recieved my bachelors degree in social work and have not got in any kind of trouble other than one speeding ticket since this incident.I have found it difficult to find gainful employment because of backgroud checks made my employers especially in this particular field. I am hopeful now that HB 47 might give individuals like myself a 2nd chance at life and make it possible to provide a decent life for my family.

  3. steve allen says:

    in 2005 i was covicted of possionon of drugs, i completed a substanse abuse program wile i was incarcerated,i have sugsesfully rug completed parol, and i still attend a drug tretment proram , i admit i made a mistake and i have learned a lesson from it, i payed my debt to society , but untill i can have this expunged i will be forced to pay more debt, i would just like a second chance ,

  4. syreeta warren says:

    I was convicted of a class d felony program assistance fraud i have been in college four years have my cna working on my rn but i cant get a job i would love to know how to get my record cleared i paid my restitution i served my time please help

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