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I am writing this for my Husband: 16 years ago my husband had a theft by swindle charge He went in front of Scott Buhler and Judge Roe. He was told by his public pretender that if he would just […]

A client asked the following question: How long does a criminal conviction in a California court stay on my record when an employer in Arizona hires a background check company in Arizona to provide a report? Short answer is forever. […]

I fell asleep at the wheel and hit a car head on and the other driver was killed.This happened 18 years ago.My charge is a m1 so i have my hunting rights but can not get a pistal permit cause […]

Well it all started one day when me and my ex split up. I was living in North Dakota at the time and felt I needed to move out and had no where to go other than the state of […]

In the spring of 2012, Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed House Bill 13 into law. The bill, which had broad support in both houses of the legislature, makes it possible for certain sex and kidnap offenders to have their names […]

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